Naval Action

ToG Naval Action

Relive the most glorious period in naval history with 18th century sail ships in a realistic open world game. Experience player vs player or player vs environment battles of up to 50 ships per battle! Start off with an 8-gun Cutter, work your way up in ranks by earning gold through trading, crafting and being victorious in battle to finally sail ships as big as the 106-gun HMS Victory or the 138-gun Santisima.

Naval Action
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ToG Fleet

In the ToG fleet we’re sailing under the British flag, completing fleet missions with multiple players and defending our assets from hostiles. Having a few high-ranked players on board gives us access to more of the ships available in the game. Join us in our TeamSpeak 3 server, sail with us in these epic naval battles and be overwhelmed by the large scale of the Naval Action gameplay!